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Working place: Qingdao

Published Date: August 30, 2011


Working experience: not required

Minimum education background: junior college (and equivalent education background)

Management experience: not required

Working nature: full-time

Number of employment: 12

Sex: all

Job description/ requirements:

  1. Good health, strong interpersonal communication skills
  2. Love the job of sales. familiar with the marketing network
  3. Endure sufferings and hardship; hardworking
  4. Related working experience is preferred.

Job demands:

  1. Desiccant sales.
  2. Oxygen absorber sales.
  3. Package material sales

Wages and treatment:

  • With basic salary: basic salary 1500 CNY + profit drawing
  • Without basic salary: telephone fee 100 CNY + travel expense + high profit drawing

Sales manager (one) 
Job requirements:

  • No gender preference, 28-40 years old, sales, management and related major, junior college educational background or above.
  • More than two years working experience of desiccant and oxygen industry or equivalent working experience.
  • be familiar with the industry situation.
  • Have the keen insight about the desiccant and oxygen market’s developing trend. Independently establish the overall marketing program and carry it into execution.
  • Have strong ability of organization, planning, leadership, communication and coordination. Be good at establishing the high effective sales team.
  • The person who served in equivalent position in well-known desiccant and oxygen manufacturer is preferred.
    Working place: Qingdao

    Wags and treatment:

    Under the precondition of fulfilling the sale plan, annual salary is not less than 50 thousand Yuan plus profit drawing.

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